Choose Fidelity eDelivery

Save trees and save time. Sign up for eDelivery and we'll e-mail you as soon as your important documents are available online. It's fast, secure, and absolutely free.

Sign up for eDelivery by logging on to NetBenefits and

Step 1. Enter your e-mail address.
Step 2. Choose which documents to receive by navigating to Profile, then Preferences.

Choose Fidelity eDelivery Watch this video and learn more about the benefits of eDelivery. (01:54)

Choose eDelivery

Why should you sign up for eDelivery?

Immediate Receive an e-mail as soon as your documents are available
Convenient View, print or save documents
Organized Access account statements, trade confirmations, and tax forms in one place
Flexible Choose which documents to receive online and request a free paper copy at any time
Secure Worry less about paper documents compromising your security
Green Help the environment by reducing paper consumption
Frequently Asked Questions

What is eDelivery? eDelivery refers to electronic delivery. Customers who sign up for eDelivery will receive their financial documents electronically rather than through U.S. mail. Financial documents include statements, trade confirmations, prospectuses, tax forms, and other financial reports.

How do I access my documents if I sign up for eDelivery? Fidelity will send you an e-mail notification as soon as your documents are available for viewing online. The e-mail includes a convenient direct link to the documents area within To protect your security, log in is required.

How long can I access my documents online? You will have online access to most document types for up to two years. A few other documents may be available for shorter or longer time periods, but you will always have access to these documents by calling Fidelity.

Can I choose which documents to receive electronically versus U.S. mail? Yes. There is flexibility within the eDelivery sign up process. You can elect to receive certain document types electronically while continuing to receive paper for other document types.

How do I get a paper copy if I need one? Free paper copies are always available by calling Fidelity. You can also log in at and print them out.

Can I receive paper in the future? Yes. You are able to change your delivery choice at any time. Changes will go into effect within 24 hours.

Is there a fee charged for eDelivery? There is no fee for signing up for eDelivery.